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Member Types

The Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association involves a total of 8 member types, each of which are allowed varying levels of access and interaction on the HFAA Platform.

Program Applicants

Individuals who are currently completing their program applications, are involved in the interview process, or are in the transition phase to beginning their programs.

Successful candidates are highly motivated, bright individuals who are able to demonstrate a potential for excellence and show a clear connection between their studies and a future trade-related career.

Program Members

Individuals who are part of the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Development Program who are currently studying at one of our partner universities.

Candidates receive substantial program and financial support that may include tuition fees, housing, airfare, visa fees, books, educational materials and a monthly living allowance. Our program is highly competitive and allows our candidates to focus on their education without having to worry about funding their studies.

Between semesters, each candidate is provided a work placement in an export-related company or leading organization. This “work integrated learning approach” aims to better align academic studies and practical skills training, enabling scholars to develop a successful career as a global trade leader with Hinrich Foundation’s partners.

Candidates are from Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines, USA, Vietnam. All are studying overseas, developing an international perspective and a set of highly marketable skills.

Alumni Pledge members

Alumni Pledges are individuals who have yet to complete their work undertaking with our industry-leading corporate partners. Upon graduation, all our candidates begin an exciting career with their sponsor company through a 2 or 3 year career development program. They don’t have to worry about finding their first job! This equips them with a real-world foundation and great career advancement opportunities.

Our program is grounded in the work integrated learning model, which is internationally recognized by employers as the preferred path to best equip graduates with the skills companies truly need.

Alumni members

Hinrich Global Trade Leader Development Program alumni are graduates that have completed their work responsibilities. They are now part of a growing family which encourages and supports one another in their careers and personal development.

This community is now over a 100 strong and is a lifelong resource for global networking. Alumni of the Hinrich Foundation are talented professionals developing their careers across the trade value chain.

Alumni Leadership Committee (ALC)

A select group of outstanding alumni who have completed their coursework, completed their work agreement, and are in good standing with the Foundation.

Through their expertise in various fields, the ALC aims to guide and assist in developing the Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association by coordinating association events and act as a representative body for all candidates and alumni. The ALC is composed of three central teams: Engagement, Skills Development and Careers.


Individuals who are fulfilling internship positions with the Hinrich Foundation, who are not candidates nor full time program team members. Interns collaborate with our team members and contribute to developing, expanding and maintaining our programs.

The Foundation entrusts them with responsibilities and projects aligned with their actual studies and interests. This allows them to acquire valuable skills and develop a personal portfolio which enhances their professional profile and prepares them to enter the workforce.

Program Team members

Program Team members who may or may not be Hinrich Foundation Alumni, who are passionate about trade and advancing our mission. We, at the Hinrich Foundation, believe in the power of education and sustainable trade and work towards achieving a common goal: providing deserving and talented individuals with the opportunity to become global trade leaders.

Community Administrator

Program team members who are involved in development, operation, and administration of the HFAA platform.

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