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Alumni Newsletter - HFAA Connect Vol.5 October 2018

Message from ALC Vice President - Phoebe Lu

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Lifelong learning, intercultural communication, and community engagement - as HFAA alumni, the organization keeps us together, but these intangibles are what set us apart.

Our alumni are engaged across the globe as entrepreneurs in emerging markets, managers for manufacturers and communication specialists at Fortune 500 companies. It is clear that even after graduation, my fellow alumni’s drive to hone their skills and grow in an international context has not diminished.

In fact, the first HFAA Professional Training Series 2018 kicked off in early October and drew scholars and alumni from across China and Bangladesh to seminars specifically tailored to their professional growth. In Hong Kong, fourteen scholars and alumni participated in Minesh Pore’s open-format training and discussion session titled How to Handle Rejection in Sales. In Dhaka, five alumni attended a mentorship skills workshop, developed and taught by CEO Success Coach Ranjan De Silva.

Ramzan Miah, (Bangladesh, HKPolyU IPE’15) attended the mentorship workshop in Dhaka: “the training was very useful for my personal and professional development…and equipped me with some great tools and ideologies that helped me increase my confidence and become a better leader.”

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Vini Damayanti (Indonesia, HKBU MAIJS ’20) was a participant at the How to Handle Rejection in Sales training event. She said that the training’s open discussion structure was conducive to an immersive learning environment because it was “less formal and more fun.”

Upon reflection, I am so grateful to be a part of the HFAA community. Not only does it mirror my own interest in sustainable trade and entrepreneurship, it challenges me to take every opportunity to grow.

Because the foundation develops programming directly based on our alumni’s needs, our professional training series would not be possible without your support. If you would like to have an HFAA Professional Training Series 2018 event or seminar come to your city, please reach out to ALC by clicking here.

Best regards,

Phoebe Lu (China, HKBU BBA ‘14)

Vice President, Alumni Leadership Committee

Read on for more updates on our scholar’s latest accomplishments in the international business sphere, our chairman’s entrepreneurship award ceremony, and to welcome our newest scholars in the HFAA Connect Vol.5 October 2018 here!

About the Hinrich Foundation

The Hinrich Foundation focuses on stimulating creative, positive thinking about global trade and promoting global trade behaviours by individuals, companies and countries that will lead to better developmental outcomes, engagement and stability.

The Foundation’s vision is to create opportunities, choice and engagement through sustainable global trade. It is implemented by researching conditions for sustainable global trade, developing Asian global trade talent, and spurring the growth of trade-focused SME’s in emerging markets in Asia. The Foundation’s work reaches beneficiaries in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, the Philippines, Vietnam and the United States.

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