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Year-end message from Program Director, Alex Boome

Manila, December 2018

Dear esteemed Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association members, scholars and stakeholders;

Thank each of you for your personal and collective actions that made 2018 – the best year ever for the HFAA! We have also made meaningful progress in our Trade Career Development (TCD), Export Trade Assistance (ETA) and International Trade Research (ITR) programs, much of this highlighted in our HF 2.0 review and presented to the Council of Members in Shenzhen.

I will share with you here some of the progress made, as well as some of the changes to our programs as a result of our extensive review.

Education programs update

You will recall that the objective of our TCD program is to: Lead a significant shift in how industry and academia work together to enhance human capacity in the export trade sector through education and skills development for more effective lifelong learning.

We have made progress in bringing industry, academia and scholars together through our partnership program. We are delighted with the contribution to trade and career progress of our alumni. To date, we have provided full scholarships to 145 people of 12 nationalities to study in eight countries, Plus, we have 16 industry partners.

Despite that awesome contribution, we have not made as significant of a shift in aligning curricula with industry’s needs as we have been trying to make. However …

 … I am delighted to announce we are currently developing a powerful new program with a like-minded university partner and Employer Partners who share our vision of workplace readiness and lifelong learning:

University Partner         Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT), Ho Chi Minh City campus

The Program                   RMIT Hinrich Postgraduate Diploma (HPgD) in International Trade (1st cohort in 2020)

The Scholarships           25 full-tuition scholarships in HCMC for international applicants

Employer Partners        An international advisory board of companies across the trade value chain keen to hire HPgD grads!

The HPgD is an 8-month blended learning course that will allow students to work full time. Graduates with a HPgD may elect to continue studies for another four months (in Vietnam or Melbourne) at their own expense to earn an RMIT Master in International Business.

Other TLD program developments

In addition to developing the HPgD and scholarships, we will offer the following:

-  INSEAD MBA: Two 30% tuition scholarships; Singapore & France; Global applicants

-  HKBU MAIJS; Two 50% tuition scholarships; SEA applicants

-  Georgetown University MSc in Foreign Service; One 30% tuition scholarship, Washington, DC; Global applicants

Of course, we will continue to offer comprehensive professional support to our current scholars, schools and partners. Plus, in 2019, we plan to hold four Hinrich Trade Negotiation Simulations (HTNS), as well as four Export Manager Advanced Trainings (EMAT), in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Export Trade Assistance program update

I’d now like to update you about changes to the Export Trade Assistance program, as many of our alumni have been instrumental in supporting SME exporters in their home countries as export consultants.

The objective of the ETA program is to provide practical export trade marketing services to small and medium export companies of finished goods and services across developing Asia. The intention is that our beneficiaries will close orders with new buyers, grow exports and create jobs.

To date, we have supported 2,500 SMEs in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia; represented suppliers and their products at dozens of trade shows; conducted numerous trainings and made valuable connections.

We have been very pleased with the training, online enabling and publishing activities the team has made possible. Insight from the HF 2.0 review – feedback from our Export Consultants, EMAT participants and partners – suggests that the SME export landscape has changed significantly in the past 10 years since we started ETA. Notably, Asia is getting wealthier with booming domestic economies, businesses are moving up the value chain to more service sectors and FDI companies, and the Internet is creating disruption and new direct sales opportunities.

Today, the package of services we are offering is not needed in the way it was 10 or even five years ago. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue the ETA program and re-deploy our resources in areas with greater impact. We will focus our attention on our TLD and ITR programs. Next month, we will update you about the excellent progress we’ve made in the ITR program.

One of the immediate implications of this refocus is the departure of our current export consultants. We thank them for their dedication and contribution to helping SMEs and their local economies at the front line of trade. We are confident that with their skills, academic qualifications, attitude and support from the HFAA network, they will find exceptional opportunities. Of course, we welcome our alumni as full members of the HFAA!

Team movements & transitions

Regarding the HFAA, we are adding even more support for our growing ranks of HFAA and new activities:

-  Carmela (Philippines, De La Salle BA ’01) our Philippines Alumni Chapter Leader and Export Trade Assistance program manager, will be joining the education team as Programs Marketing & Alumni Relations Manager, reporting to me.

-  Thu (Vietnam, HKBU MAIJS ‘17) will report to Carmela, continuing to provide excellent support, and Ian will also report to Carmela and take on new responsibilities as Social Media Marketing Officer.

-  Thuy (Vietnam, HKBU MAIJS ‘15) will be promoted to Scholar Manager, reporting to Linh; Alex Ward Will move to HCMC as Employment Partner Manager.

-  Linh will continue in her role, working with me on new HPgD program development, Thuy on the HPgD scholar engagement strategy and Alex W on employer partner strategy, as well as continuing to oversee EMAT and HFAA.  

Looking forward

As you know, Mr. Hinrich established the Hinrich Foundation to pursue - in perpetuity - our mission of promoting sustainable global trade. We are well positioned to take the Foundation to the next level:

-  We are gaining traction and recognition for our ITR work;

-  Are excited by the opportunities with the RMIT Hinrich Postgraduate Diploma in International Trade, and;

-  Will be building on our expertise to take a fresh approach to scholarships and employer engagement.

As our Hinrich Foundation Alumni Association grows, new opportunities will unfold for all of us. The team has strong bases from which to work, with new offices in Manila, expansion in Hong Kong and a larger dedicated home in HCMC from January 1st.

I look forward to strengthening our relationships into 2019 and know that through our ever-growing HFAA network, we will be there for one another well into the future.

I want to close by thanking our active and talented ALC and HFAA; our super-supportive Thu for her secretariat work, and the team for the great contribution you have made to the Hinrich Foundation, your communities and global trade: Through your actions, the world is a better place.

Warmest regards, 

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About the Hinrich Foundation

The Hinrich Foundation focuses on stimulating creative, positive thinking about global trade and promoting global trade behaviours by individuals, companies and countries that will lead to better developmental outcomes, engagement and stability.

The Foundation’s vision is to create opportunities, choice and engagement through sustainable global trade. It is implemented by researching conditions for sustainable global trade, developing Asian global trade talent, and spurring the growth of trade-focused SME’s in emerging markets in Asia. The Foundation’s work reaches beneficiaries in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, the Philippines, Vietnam and the United States.

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