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FAQ for MA in International Journalism Studies at HKBU
1 Is this full scholarship?  Yes and No. It's a Yes as Hinrich Foundation will sponsor all tuition fee + airfare + visa + accommodation + living allowance for your study in Hong Kong. But it's also a No because there are many more to experience and learn by being a HF scholar, rather than just receive the financial support: volunteering in trade shows & charity fairs, outing and dinner with HF team &alumni, training support for conference and workshop in HK or overseas, international network of alumni, paid internship at HF, a job waiting upon graduation, and many more.
2 Do I need 3 years of experience? We encourage candidates with more experience to apply for the program as (1) it's a Master's degree, (2) it's best designed for people with clear career vision and goal, aiming to uplift their career into a new height, rather than fresh graduate who are still not sure what they want. Of course, people with less than 3 years of experience can still apply and be considered given that your other credentials are suitable (good essay, good academic performance, very related work experience, good record of work performance, and most importantly, passion and ambition)
3 If I hasn't had any English certificate yet, can I still apply? Yes. We value your ability to express yourself clearly in English rather than put the emphasis on your certificates. Fluency in other foreign languages (apart from your mother tongue) is also preferred. However, in order to successfully enroll in HKBU, you must obtain IELTS 6.5 or above, or have proof that your undergraduate degree was taken in English.
4 How to apply? Please refer to the HF website and click on the link for the online application platform with very straightforward guidance. You need to fill in fields and attach all required documents to submit your application. (Demo here) If you have any problem, email us directly to for support. Once you have successfully registered your application, you should receive a confirmation letter from us. After the deadline, the recruitment team will contact the shortlisted candidate to arrange the interview, probably in April or May.
5 Can I modify my application after submitting? No, the application platform is set for one-sitting. Should you want to modify or revise your application after submission, please email to for support.
6 Are there other programs open for Vietnamese/Filipino/Indonesian/India? At the moments, this program (MAIJS) is open for citizens of 4 countries (Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Philipines). More opportunities will be confirmed soon in due course. Please follow us on Facebook, register to our mailing list, or check out our website for the update.
7 What does the Work Integrated Learning mean? In HF, we believe that there is no better way to learn than to put your knowledge into practice. All HF sponsored scholarship/career development programs are designed in such a way that scholars can take at least 6 months to a year in between of their study to work for the sponsored company, in this case Hinrich Foundation itself (which mean we have worked intensively with the university to make sure your curriculum can accommodate such arrangement). To know more about the benefits of this arrangement, you may want to read our website what alumni think about this model. The best part is that you have unique opportunity to adapt to a new working environment,  to apply what you have learnt, then identify what you need to learn more in the next semester in order to improve yourself. The Hinrich Foundation team work hard to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible for all of our scholars.
8 What is Hinrich Foundation doing? Hinrich Foundation, founded by Mr.Merle Hinrich in 2012, is a not-for-profit organization with our mission to promote sustainable global trade. Believing a sustainable global trade can foster the world peace, Mr.Hinrich made his venture in Asia and eventually his fortune from Global Sources, a B2B media company that facilitates trade between nations through magazines, tradeshows and online marketplace, etc. To realize this vision, the Foundation that bears his name, is now involved in 3 programmatic areas, which are (1) Trade Career Development: to give education & career development opportunities to young talented individual in Asia and help them become future leaders of the nation/region (2)Export Trade Assistance: to provide support to small-medium-sized enterprises to do export and (3)International Trade Research: to provide knowledge and perspectives for the public on topics related to international trade. The Hinrich Global Trade Leader Development Program is one pivot program of the Trade Career Development team which started giving scholarships since 2003 (under Kearny Alliances) with more than 130 people awarded the scholarships from more than 10 countries.
9 How is the internship about in between 2 semesters? Successful candidates, after finishing the first semester at Hong Kong Baptist University (Sep 2018 - Dec 2018) will mostly come back to work in their own countries, in either 2 programs Trade Career Development Program or Export Trade Assistance program. Detail JDs will be confirmed in due course. In general, Trade Career Development job involves skills in marketing, project management, event management, customer service, etc... whereas Export Trade Assistance job spans from conducting marketing research, field trips to factories and consultation to SMEs. All team members of the Hinrich Foundation from Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, the US, the Philippines, Indonesia, India will have one overseas team training annually.
10 Is the internship paid? Yes, this is a paid internship. You will be paid in accordance with market value and on par with your previous salary.
11 What is the selection criteria needed as Hinrich Foundation's scholar? This is a job offer plus an educational opportunity, hence we are looking for future team members, who will join the international team of the Hinrich Foundation. Although we are from different countries and backgrounds with different responsibilities, our team culture is that everyone is responsible, motivated and dedicated to the final cause of their works. We value people with great work ethics and appreciate new ideas. We are looking for those who have the eagerness to learn and improve every day. Prove that to us through your application (CV, and essay) and interview.
12 What sort of work will I do during internship? Answer 9
13 How many quota per year? In each country, we have 1-3 vacancies. That said, we are flexible, if we can find good candidates from one specific country, we can open more. That depends on the Foundation's expansion need and its partnership as well.
14 Why is only one program (International Journalism) for Indonesia, India, Vietnam & the Philippines We have been sending students to this program for more than 10 years. Why? Because (1)HKBU provides one of the best journalism programs in Asia, and no place better than Hong Kong to study journalism with its fame of free speech and being the gateway to Asia and China (2)We have been partnered with HKBU for a long time, so this is the institution we entrust to send out our team members to and (3)the program is very practical and can support the future work at Hinrich Foundation. You might not end up as a journalist, but skills like interviewing people, storytelling, content writing, video editing, etc are solidly taught in school and practically applied at work.
15 What is the main purpose of Hinrich Foundation Scholarship? Answer No.8 and No.1. This is not only a scholarship but should be considered as a whole career development opportunity. We don't have any other purposes rather than to support talented individuals to reach their full potential through high-quality education & skills development program. What you learn and gain from the program can contribute to your future success. We want YOU to be successful in your career and your life, we proud to be a part of your journey. That's it.
16 Do you have any tips for applying the scholarships? (1)Pay attention to details on your application to impress your future employer. Do your CV and essay show your enthusiasm and passion and potentials that's worth our investment?
(2) Be pro-active: this is a job offer so reach out to us. We evaluate candidate even before the application is submitted
(3)Be prepared for a job interview: research everything you can about Hinrich Foundation, the job, our mission, what value you can bring to the team.
(4)Be yourself: if you are lucky enough to be selected or we are lucky enough to have you on our team, we want you to be a significant part of the team.
17 I am not student from big universities in my country. Am I still qualified to apply? Of course you are. Check answer (1), we are not looking for someone who do best in exams and school but have no realistic opinion about the world. This is a job offer. So prove that you can contribute to the team and we are happy to have you. The "scholarship" is to best equip you with new knowledge, and we believe continuous learning attitude is more important than scores.
18 How many steps/stages of application do we need to get the scholarship? (1)Prepare everything for the application (CV, cover letter, recommendation letter, and essay)
(2)Submit online (super easy and straightforward)
(3)You will be contacted for the 1st interview if shortlisted
(4)You will be contacted for the 2nd interview with our Program Director
(5)Selected to the program
(6)Interview with HKBU (you will surely pass if you are sent from Hinrich Foundation)
(7)Orientation before departure with Hinrich Foundation (we will pair you with at least one mentor for the whole orientation and coaching)
(8)Departure to Hong Kong
19 Why Hinrich Foundation offers scholarship in International Journalism, while the company isn't a media company (or related journalism)? See answer 8 & 14
20 Can I work from Hong Kong Depends. Most of the jobs will be assigned at your own country or our main office in Vietnam and the Philippines. We have our office in Hong Kong solely for admin function. If there are internship vacancies from our partners in Hong Kong, we will introduce our students to apply for that. It's an option as well. But to be sure, you will have many opportunities to get training in Hong Kong, or come to Hong Kong for the business trip. Not to mention that your life in Hong Kong will be very colourful with lots of activities organized by the Foundation and the Alumni Association.
21 What would my salary be like. See answer 10

Should you have any question on our Hinrich Global Trade Leader Development Program, leave a message for us below. Thank you!

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