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The session experience of Hinrich Foundation scholar in Ho Chi Minh City

Tuesday, 12 January 2016   (0 Comments)
Hinrich scholar - Thang Sawm Lian Tuang
First round interview photo with HR Education Coordinator Thuy Ho and five  candidates from Myanmar at A25 Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

Grab a wonderful chance
A few months ago, I found Hinrich Global Trade Leadership Scholarship information from a  journal online. I investigated the scholarship online and I found out that there was a great program for Global Production Engineering and Management at Vietnamese-German University. That subject is my favorite because my educational background is mechanical engineering. As soon as I knew about the program, I collect the related documents and applied.

About two months later, I received notice from the Hinrich Foundation that they would be holding an entrance exam at MES (Myanmar Engineering Society) in Yangon, Myanmar. At the examination, all the questions asked were basic, fundamental Engineering concepts .

Hinrich scholar - Thang Sawm Lian Tuang 2
The group’s presentation on sustainability. Taken by Le Min Sang of Vietnam.

On Aug. 14 I received mail from VietnamLO HR (a producer in Vietnam). I read the mail and I got excited because I learned I had passed the test from VGU. I couldn’t believe the mail until I got a phone call from Vietnam on  Aug. 18 . According to the first interview session at Apollo English Training Center in Ho Chi Minh City, the six candidates from Myanmar that passed VGU’s testing exam would fly to Ho Chi Minh City.

When we arrived at the Ho Chi Minh Airport, I was excited because it was the first time I got to see the Vietnam dong. After a busy first day, we got up early and went to the Apollo English Training Center. When we arrived the Center, we met Vietnamese and the Cambodian scholarship applicants . We candidates from three different nations sat discussing our past experiences and our educational background.

At that moment, I learned something new  because one Vietnamese  candidate said he studied thermodynamic engineering. In my country, we have few thermodynamic engineers. When the time for my interviewed session arrived, I sat in front of the six-person interview panel. I had many questions to answer but one thing I forgot was  to prepare to questions for the interviewers. When the interview had finished, my friend and I walked around Ho Chi Minh City. I wondered how Ho Chi Minh City had that many motorbikes and why every person had a mask.

Only four people went on to the second round of interviews, but one of my friends didn’t join with us because he had too low of a blood pressure for flying.

The first night we had a chance to meet Program Director Alex Boome and we learned many things from him. When we went to the second round interview place at Adidas’s offices we were divided by group. We had two topics to present about  in front of the interviewer, sustainability and a good product. When I learned in this second round interview is that no one was shy to present our mind, work as a team and organize the group.

About the author – Thang Sawm Lian Tuang

Hinrich scholar - about the author - Thang Sawm Lian Tuang

Tuang is a Project Engineer in Myanmar before he became a Hinrich Global Trade Leadership Scholar. He is currently pursuing a degree in Global Production Engineering and Management at Vietnamese-German University.

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