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De La Salle University

Welcome to the Hinich Foundation’s Orientation page for all Global Trade Leaders attending De La Salle University.

On the left sidebar you find a list of informational resources related to student life in the Philippines. These have been created by our current scholars to better prepare you for your arrival and ensure the smoothest transition when you start university.

Have a great first semester and congratulations again on being chosen for the Hinirich Global Leadership Program!

Pre-arrival – Before you get to school


Arrival : Getting from the airport, ID Cards and Banking


Classes: Course preparation and reviews

Semester 1 (May-August): BUS895M Integration Action Research Paper

Semester 2 (September-December): BUS895M Integration Action Research Paper with COB998M Oral Comprehensive Exam (OCE)

Living at De La Salle University - Housing, shopping and other establishments


Transportation – How to get around


Activities – On-campus clubs and international travel


Emergency numbers and contacts


Special tips (Tips of excellence)

Managing to pass the difficult classes is not easy thing to do. There are some tips for students to survive in the tough classes and get the good reward after class finishes.

Missing the first session is not good idea

Normally, some students thought that the first class is not important because it would be just the introduction to the class. Yet, the first session, lecturer usually will introduce his or her personal background and he or she will inform students about what course requirements are and what the course outcome would be from his or her class. Students will get syllabus during the first meeting as well. Moreover, it will also be a good time for getting to know your classmates.

Carefully review syllabus and assignment guidelines are smart thing to do

So you will know what professor expect from you and you would research for books and other materials for your class requirements. When professor assigns the topic or materials; you would not be easy.

In each session

Professor would want to obtain his or her objectives of the session. Each session is probably a great challenge, but it t would be interesting to follow all the lectures. Some lectures are continuous or connected to each other. Therefore, attending class is a very vital step to overcome the most difficult subject.

Be active in class by participate and contribute to classes

If you do not understand lecture or reading materials, you should ask questions in the class. and your professor will not mind you. Other tips, you can learn it from other sources online. There are a lot of online tutorial videos that you can access for free.

You should be well- prepared for every class before class’s meeting

So you will not be nervous to share your insight or understanding during discussion in class.

Taking note

As you are reviewing the syllabus, you may note when deadline will be for all your assignments, prioritized your assigned tasks and manage the time well would help a lot on your group assignment, final research paper and final exam. So, you can make your study plan and time management for each assignment accordingly. Trying to finish them as soon as possible, you will not face with overwhelming workload during submission week.

Trying to approach professors in or outside class

If you have some difficulties with the reading materials. Asking him or her to provide you some tips helping you to understand the most difficult materials.


This skill is strongly required in MBA class, however the more you read the more you get insight to do your paper.

Do not miss the final exam

40% to 50% of your grade comes from your final exam result.


Cutting down stress during academic journey is so important to success your academic year. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Sometimes, we may make things harder by worrying too much and getting stress out. It is important to take sometimes to reduce it. You can do exercise or hang around for a while with your country mate or your classmate to make you feel fresh and release it and then you come back to continue your work again.

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