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Nine closest things to crazy

Posted By Nguyet Quang Minh Nguyen, Thursday, 5 October 2017


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From Moon Nguyen with love


 It’s not so good that you are the only dumb in this world, but your life might be as colorful as a rainbow if the one next to you is also a dumber.

I bumped into my forgetful fish by the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Scholarships and since then, we have fulfilled our life with numerous not-to-know-whether-to-laugh-or-cry stories.

1. If I don’t know how to read a map, she definitely can’t remember the way home. If I get lost over and over again at the same places, she might find the right way but wrong direction. As a result, 10 months together in Hong Kong, we could have spent one-third of our time just to get stuck around.

2. I love eating, whenever and whatever, and so does she, whatever and whenever. We might leave home at midnight under the rain and walk for kilometers just to eat a small bowl of cheap and spicy “pho”. Our friendship formula has never ever been that simple: A greedy mind + An empty stomach + Cheap food = Friends with benef-o-o-ds.


3. I would fall asleep in the bus just five minutes after it departed, and she couldn’t be better. So this was what happened.

“The bus is as slow as a snail. It often takes us 50 mins to get to the school from the airport but it’s been one hour and ten minutes already,” I just woke up, looked out the bus window and muttered.

“Oh well, maybe it takes another route,” she yawned.

Poor us, Hong Kong’s buses are never late or suddenly change their routes. The situation was quite obvious; we missed few stops and had to catch another bus to go back.

4. We don’t spend a little time to find the man of our life (we know that he will bring himself to us anyway), but we do spend quite much time to find food. We would spend HK$40 on a long journey on the MTR, then walked around for two hours to find out our favorite food and spent another hour just to compare prices among restaurants and finally to pick a 38-dollar-awful dish.

Our lesson is, finding food is just like looking for a man, making endless efforts doesn’t always ensure you to find a good one.

5. My problem is, I eat too much and too slow. So if I eat out with not-so-close friends, I tend to eat less and eat quickly, because I don’t want them to wait. But with my fish, my time is with her. She would wait at the table for hours just for me to finish my food and never complain.


6. Except for the “slow motion” eating habit, I also walk at the speed of a turtle with an empty mind. So she would always look for me amidst the crowd every time we go out to make sure I’m still around. Once she became mad because I get lost, since then, I had to hold her arm all the time while we were walking, just like when I walked with my mom to the market in the old days.

7. When we separate, our life would be so green and peaceful. But when we unite, everything might become a tragicomedy. And if we decide to do special things together, disaster would happen.

A typical example - When we climbed the volcano mount Hibok Hibok in the Philippines, it was a stormy day. No one checked the weather forecast or even thought of it before making an important outing decision.

Other ordinary cases: to go to the museum on the closed day; to intend to go to a specific place but never end up in the right spot; to order a super bowl of noodles when the restaurant is about to close; to attend an irrelevant workshop just because of its tea break but turned out no food at all; being chased by a food thief, that is a monkey, in the jungle.

8. I know that I’m photogenic, but I look super awesome under her lenses. I have never had any good photos of myself until I met her. Some of them are good enough to send to a beauty contest (we supposed so) or at least to appear on banners of our program’s website.

9. Despite thunderstorms that we made to each other, we have been together over seven countries in the past two years and continue to “feeling twenty-two, acting seventeen” in the next journey. 


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