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A dinner provides opportunity to learn about other cultures

Posted By Olivia Ye (Ye), Friday, 13 October 2017

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A get together with fellow candidates under the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Development Program and Hinrich Foundation team provided great comfort and a good learning opportunity.

On Sept. 14, 2017, I went to the Renfrew Restaurant and Cafeteria at Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong, together with fellow candidates Roxanne and Sharon. There, we met two Alexs: Alex Boome, Program Director of the Hinrich Foundation; and Alex Ward, Partnership Manager of the Foundation and current scholars. There were also more than 10 fellow Global Trade Leader candidates, Laura Siu and Ben Wong, the two representatives of the Alumni Leadership Committee.

Alex Boome, Hinrich Foundation’s Program Director, talks about the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Program. 

Dinner was really enjoyable, filled with delicious dishes and good conversation. What implied culture differences are the round of introductions, which was especially branding new because all of us had talked about our countries, special food, working experience and so on. I still remembered that Putro, Indonesian new scholar has mentioned the way to have meals in his hometown. That is using right hand. It is the very time that I figured out that there does exist culture differences among countries.

 Hinrich Global Trade Leader candidates sitting with Alex Boome (second to the right), Hinrich Foundation’s Program Director, each give a short introduction before dinner.

During the event, I also gained a better understanding of essence of the program-to be a global ethical trade leader and felt that the longer we work with the Hinrich Foundation, the more professional we would become.

After dinner, I felt more comfortable about my stay in Hong Kong because I no longer felt I was alone at a new school. I had companions --- fellow candidates under the Hinrich Global Trade Leader Development Program. Although we have culture difference, we can go through with understanding and identical sense of value. 

Global Trade Leader candidates and Hinrich Foundation’s Alex Boome and Alex Ward (second to the left, back row) commemorate the event with a photo.

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