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Hong Kong surprises me in a nice way

Posted By Yen Nguyen Thi Hong, Thursday, 12 October 2017

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1. Walk – walk – walk. Hong Kong people walk more steps per day than anyone else. And it is not easy for me to adapt with the walking culture here. On my very first day in Hong Kong, even a women in her 8th months prenant can walk faster than me. Good news is that I finally know how to walk like a Hongkonger. Every day is now a good day’s walk!


2. Hiking – when I realize how weak I am. It was a beautiful morning that I and my friend Putro decided to hike the Lion Rock. I searched about Lion Rock before climbing, and it said “Lion Rock is an easy hike with your friends”. Uhmm, sound great!!! Let’s go!


Everything couldn’t have started better for us with full of energy and great stories along the way. Then we soon realized that it was not easy even to get to the entrance with plenty of stairs and uphill climbs. We were out of breath and desperately chugging water just on the way to the main entrance. Local grandpa and grandma staired at us while they were…running to the top of Linon Rock. Yes, they did not hike, they run to the top. Meanwhile, I and my friend took a rest every…50 meters on the way and definitely smell like weak people with… our supposed-to-be-strong faces. The below picture can help you imagine why hiking Lion Rock is torturing…but rewarding at the same time. 

3. All-in-one Octopus card. You can use the all-in-one Octopus card for transportation, vending machines, supermarkets, parking machines,… Going anywhere and buying anything without cash. How James Bond is that

Me on the peak of Lion Rock

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